by John Robbins

Different style paintings

These paintings are either more experimental than my usual style or don't quite fit with the others.

Commercial work

I spent many years working as a commercial sculptor, designing and modelling wax 'masters' for reproduction, mostly for ornament manufacturers. I worked on a broad range of projects including some illustration and point of sale graphics too. Here are some examples:

Saucy Sculpture

Modelled in clay and cast in various materials (plaster, polyester resin, marble filled ciment fondu) then polished and waxed. Filthy but fun!

Digital art

I use the free digital image program called 'paint.NET' for which I have written many 'plugin' effects. Here are some examples of images I've created. Some are purely digital, for others I start by scanning a pencil sketch. These are links to my paint.NET Red ochre plugin pack and my forum gallery.

by John Robbins