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About me

I am originally from Surrey and many of the landscapes shown are based on the countryside surrounding Guildford, Godalming and Farnham. I now live in Littlehampton, West Sussex, where I am enjoying depicting the sea and big skies. My preferred medium for landscapes and seascapes is currently oil paint, due to its accuracy of colour and tone and versatility of techniques.

I worked for many years for various ornament and giftware manufacturers sculpting models in wax for reproduction. Subjects included figurative, animal, building and fantasy. This work also involved creating illustrations which were normally ink and either watercolour or coloured pencil on paper, a few of these are shown on the portfolio page.

In 2012 I started exploring digital art and downloaded the free software and learned how to program my own plug-in effects in C#. I share these for free on their official forum where they have proven popular. My user name on the forum is 'Red ochre' and here are links to these effects and my gallery there:   My plug-in pack     My gallery

I still find it awkward drawing directly to a computer via tablet or mouse so often start images with a pen or pencil sketch, which is scanned then digitally manipulated. Affordable technology still cannot beat traditional methods in my opinion, or perhaps I'm just set in my ways! I do tend to be far more experimental with digital images in both subject and style and it is a useful way to explore ideas without the expense of art materials.

The oil paintings

Nearly all my oil and alkyd paintings are on fabric covered, sealed and primed, panels which I prepare myself. I prefer to work on a solid durable substrate especially when working in layers or impasto. Oil paint becomes brittle as it ages and the constant flexing of stretched canvas means cracks are more likely than with works on panel. However paintings on panels do require framing before hanging.


I have included a 'guide price' for the available paintings, however I will consider sensible offers. Do bear in mind that my style of painting takes quite an investment of time and art materials are expensive. Please do contact me if you are interested in a particular picture or in commissioning paintings, illustrations or digital works.


I am particularly interested in contacting suitable galleries that are interested in displaying my work. Prices and terms to be agreed.

The website

I have recently re-written this site to hopefully make it easier for me to update and maintain and to improve performance for different screen sizes. The portfolio page can now filter images by subject and medium and sort them by year, size and price etc. It also now downloads much smaller image file sizes, especially for those viewing on smaller screens, (ideally held in the horizontal position).

Hopefully it works with touch screens now but if you do have any problems viewing it please do let me know.

The site does not use 'cookies' and doesn't collect private data about visitors.


Please do not reproduce any of the images here without my permission. If you would like to use any of them please contact me first.


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Clicking the button above should open your e-mail client where you can send me a message. Please do contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of the images, commission paintings, illustrations or digital images or run a gallery that may suit my style of art.

Thank you for visiting!

I intend to gradually add more images to this site, so please do bookmark this site and visit again if you're interested in my latest works.

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